Designed specifically for the Family Child Care Provider

– Daily activities written for mixed-age group settings

– Designed for the home environment

– Utilizes common, household materials…not expensive equipment

 Developmentally appropriate activities for mixed-age groups

-Aligns with NAFCC™ Quality Standards for Developmental Learning Activities and most Quality Rating Improvement Standards (QRIS)

-Saves precious planning time

-Easy to individualize to meet the interest of each child

-No “product” art- all art projects invite children to complete them their own way

-Addresses health and safety concepts for providers “Let’s Move” (

Family Communications made easy

-Innovative tools for keeping parents informed and involved (many digital)

On demand delivery via the Internet to meet your schedule

-Saves time and money on shipping costs

Easy to Use

-Does not require hours of in-service training to get started

-Designed to be easy to understand and do!

-Step-by-step lessons, that are flexible

-Songs written to common tunes-everyone can sing them!


-Digital delivery saves shipping cost

-Pricing is per family child care home, not per child