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Why try Gee Whiz?

  • Do you like saving money?
  • Do you need to meet state standards?
  • Is planning experiences for a mixed-age group a lot of work?

Then, Gee Whiz is for you!


  1. This offer can only be used one time.
  2. If you cancel your subscription before the 14 day period ends, you will NOT be charged.
  3. If you like Gee Whiz (and we think you will), then you do not need to do anything else.  You will be set up with a monthly subscription that will continue until you cancel (which you may do at any time.)

Gee Whiz activities are educational, fun & easy to prepare!

Here is one example: “Just Add Water”

Img 2168 (1)
Img 2169
Img 2170

Exploring how yellow & blue combine to make green with just a few simple materials.  This is a meaningful, hands-on way to help children learn colors.  Encourage making predications, sharing discoveries, fine motor control and so much more in one simple experience.  and this is just one of 100+ experiences you get each month with Gee Whiz!

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