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Welcome to the Gee Whiz Cohort Program….

a place for providers and Quality Specialists to connect and learn.

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The purpose of this cohort is to support providers as they use the Gee Whiz curriculum as well as provide information about early childhood education, parental communication, child engagement and so much more!  This cohort is also designed to support Quality Specialists in the important work they do with providers in the field.

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The Gee Whiz Cohort will meet via webinar once per month.  The webinar information will be shared via email.  Please follow this link to register to join the Gee Whiz Cohort:

This will ensure you are notified about the next cohort webinar.   We plan for the webinars to be around the 20th of each month after both units for the next month are posted.

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Each month, the Gee Whiz Cohort webinar will cover many things:

  1. We will go over each of the new units.  We will explore the components as well as dig into the lesson plans.

  2. We will also focus on one of the developmental areas during each webinar and link that to the current units.

  3. Additionally, we will help you practice adapting the Gee Whiz lesson plans for different developmental levels and special needs.

  4. Finally, there will be plenty of time for Q&A.

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Each cohort webinar lasts about 1.5 hours. Certificates of Attendance are available IF attendees complete the post assessment. A link is provided after the assessment is completely to download the certificate. NOTE:  IF you are in Pennsylvania, you will want to sign up for the Gee Whiz Cohort webinars via the PD Registry. We are approved for PQAS hours in PA.  

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The Gee Whiz Cohort is a supportive group made up of folks just like yourself!  We all know that we learn from one another and the cohort will support this concept.  In fact, as the cohort gets more established, we may invite providers using the Gee Whiz curriculum to serve as guest presenters/contributers!  If you would be interested in this role, please let us know by sending an email to

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Recordings of all of the Gee Whiz Cohort webinars can be found on our Webinar/Training Videos page.  If you would like to review any of these webinars please go to:     

Please register early to make sure you secure your space.   Also double check the email you use when you register for typos.  If the email is not correct, you will NOT receive the email with the registration link.


Please register early to make sure that you secure your space.  Also, please check the email you enter when you register.  If the email is not correct, you will NOT receive the email with the registration link or your certificate of attendance.


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