We hope that you find the following tools helpful as you work to ensure the health/nutrition and safety of the children in your care.  When creating these tools, we consulted state and national standards. If you are not familiar with these, we guarantee you will find them very helpful. For instance, the document Caring for Our Children, 3rd  Edition, is packed full of vital information relating to health and safety in child care setting. A great website to help you learn more about nutrition is It is packed with nutritional guidelines, recipes, activities and more.

Continue to check back as we add more classroom tools for you.

Handwashing Poster

Child Washing Hands

Click on picture to download.

You are welcome to print out a copy to send home with each child as well. Handwashing is super important at home as well.

Click below to access the No Smoking Poster.

Accident Report

Click below to download the accident report to be used in your center.


Exercise Cards

Click below to download exercise cards to be used in many creative ways with your children. Let the children pick a card and show the exercise on the card. Alternatively, place them in a Let’s Move center for them to use on their own. Have fun.



Use this diapering display to help you, and all your helpers, remember the 8 key steps needed when diapering little ones.


Clean Hands

Post this display near your sink to help you remember the key steps in the hand washing process.


Healthy Heart

Click below to download activities to promote Heart Health.


Brush Our Teeth!

Click below to download this chart to encourage your children to brush their teeth.


We Can Stretch

Print and display to remind ALL to enjoy singing and stretching daily.


Story Prop for Nutrition

This teaching tool is actually a story and props designed to help you teach children about the importance of proper nutrition. The story text and pieces are included for your use.


Washing Hands

Print and enjoy singing this song with children as they wash their hands.


Fire Safety

Click below to download the manipulative to help children learn about fire safety in many ways. Suggested activities are included on a separate page.