Tools for Parents

Parents/Caregivers are a critical piece of an educational program. It is very important for them to stay informed and involved in their child’s development and education. In this section, you will find tools and links designed to help achieve these goals and much more.


Use this flyer to help parents/guardians better

understand how children learn about letters.

Flyer for your Parents

Use this Document to introduce parents/caregivers to the Gee Whiz Curriculum and the value you have discovered.


Weekend Notes

Lots of things can occur over the weekend that might affect a child’s mood or behavior on Monday morning. This is a tool you can use to help parents/caregivers share information about weekend events so that you are better informed on Monday morning. Some providers choose to send this home in the diaper bag or backpack or Friday afternoon. Others have parents/caregivers fill it out at drop off Monday AM. The choice is yours!


I Brush My Teeth

Download chart for parents to help make brushing teeth fun!


Late Pass

Download Late Pass Coupon to be used with your parents for one free pass on a late pick up.