Below is a sample of the theme “Boxes, Blankets and Balls” .  This sample can be used at any time of year. Please be sure to review the User’s Guide under the tab “Our Product” on our home page.  This document contains detailed information about the program components, philosophy behind the curriculum and  how Gee Whiz addresses all ages.  This document is free for all to download and read.  We look at it as our “training manual.”  Also take time to view the “Introduction to Gee Whiz” recorded webinar under the Video Gallery  on our home page.  Many new and prospective customers find it very helpful.  Enjoy using the sample and we look forward to you becoming a Gee Whiz customer!

Each Teacher Guide contains 10 days of activities.  Details of symbols, charts and other important important information can be found in the User’s Guide.

You will find a Teaching Tool included with the second unit each month. This component is designed so you can use it in many ways to reinforce skills in many different developmental levels.

Another component of the curriculum is our Individualization Web. Each unit has a web that has been customized with the unit’s name and topics. Feel free to print out a web for each child. More details on how to use the Individualization Web along with the Observe & Reflect Grid can be found on pages 15-20 of this guide. These tools, when used together, not only help you gain important developmental information about each child, they also help you individualize the curriculum.

There is a Monthly Review for you as a provider to keep general notes for future planning.  You can also show your Program Specialist this as evidence of your use of curriculum.monthly-review-sheet-home-sept-2016

As you know well, parents/caregivers want to stay informed about what their children learn while they are in your care. You will receive two Family Letters each month…one for each unit. These files can be found in the Paid Subscribers section of our website. Like the Make It! Sheets, these are reproducible. This PDF file can be printed or emailed.

 Our All About My Week reports are a wonderful tool that helps you gather critical information about each child’s interests and skill level.

The All About My Week Report files can be found in the Paid Subscribers section of the GWE website. A new design is included with each theme. You will need two
copies of each design for each child because you will be sending one home per week. Again, please only print as many as needed.

This component is truly unique! These Digital Family Notes are provided to you as .jpeg images. This means that you will be able to save the files to attach to emails, send as text messages, or even place in a newsletter if working with a group.

The Digital Family Note files can be found in the Paid Subscribers section of our website. To use them, simply click on each file and save it to your computer in your picture folder.

You will find the Make It! Sheets in the Paid Subscribers section of our website. These are totally OPTIONAL! Unlike “coloring sheets,” Make It! Sheets are designed to be completed and used in different ways

The second unit each month will now contain a printable puppet. The types of puppets will vary from month to month. The one pictured here is designed to be glued to a pocket puppet. You will use the puppet to introduce new concepts and ideas throughout the unit.