Free 3 Day Sample "Super Science"

At Gee Whiz, we know that choosing a curriculum for your family child care program is challenging.  That’s why we are pleased to offer you a full 3-day sample to see how our family child care curriculum works for you!

All components can be printed and/or viewed on your computer to tablet.  Need help? Watch our helpful, “Introduction to Gee Whiz” video on our homepage.

Also, please note that all components in red are teacher components.

Components with titles in blue are per child/family components.

You are welcome to print up to 12 copies of the per child/family components.

To access all components, just click on the picture. Then, download, save and print (if desired)!

Download this file to understand

how to make the most of your sample

before you get started!

Gettingstartedsampleunit2019 Page 1

Teaching Guide

The Teaching Guide contains 10 days of activities for your mixed-age group. You will find activities for everyone from infants through school-age. Each experience contains detailed instructions on how to complete the activity along with links to the specific developmental areas addressed.

Supersciencejuly19tgfinal3daysample Page 01



Teaching Tool

The sample unit, “Super Science” contains printable Teaching Tool. Details on how, and when, to utilize this material can be found in the Teaching Guide.

Teaching Tool Science July 2019 Page 1


Materials List

A comprehensive Materials List is included with each unit. This tool helps you gather the materials you need for each experience. Items inredmay require a little more time to locate or prepare.

Materials List Science July 2019 Page 1

Add & Enhance

This tool is included to help you add materials to different learning areas that would enhance the unit.

Add And Enhance Science July 2019For more information on the learning environment, and how this piece ties in, please review our “The Learning Environment and Gee Whiz” booklet. You can find that tool by clicking HERE

Use this booklet to integrate an exposure to letters and letter sounds with children who are developmentally ready.

Letters And Literacy Science July 2019 Page 1

Puppet Pattern

Print out and prepare the puppet friend for this unit.

Puppet Science July 2019

Family Letter (English)

This component is designed to help you keep parents/caregivers both informed about, and involved in, their child’s education. Because this is a PDF file, you can simply email it to parents/caregivers if you do not want to print it out to send home. Available in both English & Spanish.


Individualization Web

Designed to help you individualize the curriculum, this component can be used in many different ways. If you have children with special needs, you may find this tool extremely helpful as you adapt and modify the curriculum

Individualization Web Science July 2019

Family Letter (Spanish)

Family Letter Spanish Science July 2019

Make It! Sheet #3 (English)

There are 2 Make It! Sheets included with each unit. There are entirely OPTIONAL! They are NOT written into the curriculum in any way. If there is text on any Make It! Sheet, there will be both an English & Spanish version available

Make It #3 Science July 2019

All About My Week Report (English)

This component is designed to help you keep parents/caregivers informed about their child’s interests and accomplishments each week. Send one note home at the end of each week but make a copy for each child’s file/portfolio before you do so.

All About My Week Science July 2019

Make It! Sheet #3 (Spanish)

Make It #3 Science July 2019




All About My Week Report (Spanish)

All About My Week Spanish Science July 2019

Make It! Sheet #4 (English)

Make It #4 Science July 2019

Digital Family Note #3 (English)

Each unit contains 2 Digital Family Notes. These are JPEG files (like a photo) that can be either emailed or even texted to parents/caregivers. These are available in both English and Spanish.


Make It! Sheet #4 (Spanish)

Make It #4 Spanish Science July 2019

Digital Family Note #3 (Spanish)


Digital Family Note #4 (English)


Provider’s Monthly Review Sheet

Digital Family note #4 (Spanish)