Gee Whiz and Quality Ratings


How can using Gee Whiz help you increase your quality rating?

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Checkmark   Curriculum is Required

In many states, using a written curriculum is required to achieve higher ratings which then means more financial incentives for you. The Gee Whiz curriculum is easy-to-use, designed specifically for family child care providers and fully aligned with state and national ECE standards. In fact, we are approved for QRIS programs in many states. See how homepage for details.

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CheckmarkPreparation for your Environmental Assessment

We’ve got you covered! Because the Gee Whiz curriculum builds in things like open-ended questioning and modeling language, you will be prepared to score well on your next assessment. We KNOW what those scales look for and, along with our training webinars, provide you with the tools you need to do well. In many states, these scores are tied directly to your child care rating so doing well on them is VERY important.

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Checkmark Family Involvement Built In

Does your state require you to detail how you involve families? If so, Gee Whiz has you covered. From our Family Letters to our Digital Family Notes, the curriculum includes components to help you keep families informed and involved. Many components are available in both English and Spanish as well.

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Checkmark Free Training via webinars!

Most states require training on the curriculum you choose to use in your program. In many instances, this can be very expensive AND time-consuming. Not with Gee Whiz! Our Gee Whiz Cohort provides training on curriculum as well as important ECE topics like open-ended questioning and making math meaningful. These webinar are also recorded so you can watch them at a time that works for you.

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Gee Whiz also costs up to 70% less than other curriculum options 

AND includes FREE webinar training.


So……what are you waiting for?


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