Getting Started With Gee Whiz

Welcome to Gee Whiz! We are glad to have you as part of our family. The following are some steps you should take as a new Gee Whiz customer to help you get started using the curriculum.

1) Download and follow our step-by-step directions designed to help you access and save the curriculum files. All Gee Whiz materials remain on our website for 45 days. Each month, you will want to download and save all the files to your computer and, if desired, backup to an external hard drive or flash memory stick before they are removed. You can refer to our calendar for the dates when new units will be posted and old ones will be removed.
Click this picture to download the step-by-step directions:


2) Watch our recorded, “Introduction to Gee Whiz” webinar. This webinar takes you through the curriculum, explaining all the parts and pieces. We think it will answer many of your questions!
Here is the link to the recorded webinar:

Here is the link to the User’s Guide:


User Guide 2016 - 2017 1

If, after looking over these materials, you still need help, just send us an email at