Materials and Information for Quality Specials


At Gee Whiz, we want to support you as you work with providers in as many ways as possible. This page includes both information you can use when working with providers as well as materials you are welcome to download and share via email, social media, your agency website, etc.

Additionally, please feel free to reach out to us directly at if there are specific ways you feel we could support your agency as they work with providers. We are here to help in any way we can!

Printable/Downloadable Catalog to 

Share with Providers


Our catalog contains all the information your providers need about Gee Whiz … including a discount code! It even contains a sample lesson plan so they can see for themselves exactly how Gee Whiz addresses all ages in one curriculum. Save yourself time and $ by emailing this PDF file to providers. You are, of course, welcome to print it out if you would like.


The Gee Whiz CohortFREE Webinar Training!



The Gee Whiz Cohort is just one of many ways Gee Whiz supports providers. Our monthly webinars cover a wide range of topics from exploring diversity to the “why” behind experiences. To learn more about the cohort, just click the image. We also record and post all cohort webinars on our website. You can find them under the “Support” tab. You are welcome to share the links to these webinars with providers!


Gee Whiz Users’ Guide


This guide contains everything you need to know about Gee Whiz including how the curriculum can be individualized, addressing cultural differences, working with children with disabilities and so much more.

Additional Training Guides


These guides are provided to help those using the Gee Whiz curriculum learn more about parental involvement, family engagement and enhancing the learning environment.

Click below  for flyer to share with providers and the above information.

Young Boy Playing With Educational Toys