Gee Whiz Curriculum for Family Child Care – Monthly Components


Watch this short video to get an overview of all the components included in the Gee Whiz curriculum. 

Then below you can view each item.


Each month includes 2 Teaching Guides. These guides contain activities centered around 2 units that complement each other. You may choose to print both guides or view on your computer or tablet. Each guide contains 10 days of activities designed for mixed-age group settings (infant-toddler-preschool & school age). Each daily activity plans include:

  • Exploring Together Full Group Activity

  • 2 Small Group Activities (toddler-preschool)

  • 1 Infant Activity.

You will find experiences for school-age children in the back of the guide. You can see a one day sample lesson plan by going to the “Our Product” tab at the top of the page.  Please note that these sample pages are from a different unit.



You will find a either a Teaching Tool (such as the one pictured) or a set of Story Props for an original story in each unit. The Story Props are included with the first unit and the Teaching Tool with the second. While the Teaching Guides give you ideas on when, and how, to use these materials, you are also welcome to use them in your own way as well.  Our goal is to provide you with tools that is both educational and flexible!






NEW!  Now you can find the materials you need in a snap! Each unit comes with a detailed Materials List to help save you time and ensure you have the materials you need at your fingertips.





The second unit each month comes with a Puppet Friend. These puppets vary in type and are used in a variety of ways for Exploring Together experiences in the Teaching Guide




We include a very important Monthly Provider Review sheet in both units. The purpose of this tool is for YOU to take a step back after teaching each unit to reflect on how things went. Now available in both English & Spanish

Letters And Literach Activities Creep Crawl May 2019 Page 1

NEW! Letters & Literacy booklet!

This component was just added in the spring of 2019 to help you expose children who are ready to letter names and letter sounds. The experiences included in this booklet integrate with the activities in the Teaching Guide to make this process meaningful to children. We also include a letter to parents/guardians explaining how the Gee Whiz curriculum exposes children who are ready to these early literacy concepts. You can find that document by following this link:

New! Add & Enhance

Added in the winter of 2019, this component is designed to help you enhance the learning environment for each unit. Included are suggested materials to add to centers that integrate with the unit. There is one Add & Enhance included for each teaching unit. We also include a guide, “The Learning Environment & Gee Whiz” included on our website to help you address many of the areas commonly evaluated on Environmental Rating Scales. Here is the link to that document:

Add And Enhance Taking Care Of Me

Creativemecustomizedindividualizedlessonplansheetdec19 Page 1

NEW! Customized/Individualized Lesson Planning Sheet

Each Gee Whiz unit now includes a Customized/Individualized Lesson Planning Sheet you can use to help you record how you plan to adapt and individualize the Gee Whiz experiences + add your own. This planning sheet will come in extremely handy as you work with children with disabilities, suspected developmental delays or other special needs. This form is included in the program files for each unit. It is available in Word (so you can type in the boxes) or PDF (if you prefer to write).



Our Family Letters not only keep parents/caregivers informed, they help them be involved as well! With simple activities they can do at home to reinforce a variety of topics and skills, these letters are a wonderful tool for promoting family involvement. Providing this component in both English and Spanish will also help you meet the diverse needs of families.


At Gee Whiz Education, we believe that assessment should be an on-going, authentic process. Our All About My Week reports are a wonderful tool that helps you keep parents/caregivers informed while also providing you with critical information about each child’s interest and skill level. The completed reports can be a wonderful addition to any child portfolio. A new design is included with each unit. Now available in both English & Spanish to help you meet the diverse needs of families.




This component is truly unique! These digital Family Notes are provided to you as .jpeg images. This means that you will be able to save the files to attach to emails, send as text messages, or even place in your own newsletter. Now available in both English & Spanish to help you meet the diverse needs of families.




You will find 2 Make It! Sheets with each Teaching Unit. These are totally OPTIONAL! Unlike “coloring sheets,” Make it! Sheets are designed to be completed to promote fine motor development, encourage dramatic play, and be a “talking point” for parents and children.  Directions for how to use these materials can be found in the Teaching Guides.



Each unit contains an Individualization Web. This tool is designed to help you individualize and/or meet the unique needs of each child as you introduce each unit. More details on how to use the Individualization Web and can be found in the Gee Whiz User’s Guide. This tool works well with our Observe & Reflect Tool…also found in the User’s Guide.