Our Mission: To be a trusted source for developmental learning activities to meet the ever changing needs of the professional family child care provider.

Our leadership team is comprised of former owners and senior managers of HighReach® Learning, Inc., a creator and distributor of predominantly print-based learning materials for the early childhood community.

In early 2012, the team decided to explore the creation of a new company dedicated to meeting the unique needs of the family child care segment of the early childhood education marketplace. This led to development of the following concept: “The family child care provider community needs a dedicated source for organized learning activities that are flexible enough to address mixed-age groups, support best practices and is easy to individualize for each child.”

Further, our research led us to believe that the next generation of curriculum needed to be distributed digitally because this platform offered immediate delivery to providers, flexibility in meeting their changing needs and an economical solution. Providers across the country validated this need via our market research site responses, focus groups and meetings with association groups.

Helping Providers Achieve Their Goals

Our goal is to help you…the family child care professional…meet your personal and professional goals. We understand that you are extremely busy creating an experience of the highest quality for the children and families you serve.  We also understand that there is not always the time necessary to create, assemble, and implement a comprehensive learning plan and activities that truly addresses mixed-age group settings. Additionally, we know that meeting QRIS, state, and national standards is critical for the success of your business.

Our company, Gee Whiz Education (GWE) helps you meet these goals by providing you with a professionally developed, dynamic and comprehensive set of monthly learning activities for mixed-age groups that includes cutting-edge communication tools to engage families. Digital delivery allows you to view and print on your schedule, providing ultimate convenience and economy.

We hope you will take a closer look at our site and ultimately decide to become a subscriber of  the Gee Whiz Education curriculum. The Digital Curriculum for the Family Child Care Provider!