Tools for Food Groups

We are very excited to provide food groups from around the country with this FREE educational resource for helping providers and children learn more about healthy habits. You are welcome to download all of the files below and share with providers via your food group website, email, social media or other avenues. Our goal is truly to help you help providers teach children about nutrition, safety, exercise and more!

To access each file, simply click on the download button. They files are either PDF or JPEG files that you can then save to your computer. If you have any trouble opening or downloading the files, please feel free to reach out to use at

We hope you find this resource helpful and we would love your feedback!

Teacher Guide

This Teaching Guide is filled with over 50 activities for infants, toddler, twos, threes, fours and even school-age children! The activities included are easy to do and utilize common household materials.

Teaching Tool

Providers can utilize this component to help children learn more about health and safety concepts while practicing patterning skills.

Printable Puppet Friend

Meet Neal! Neal is a nurse the children will meet as they explore the unit, “Happy, Healthy Me.” The providers will use this material to create a puppet they will use with some of the activities in the Teaching Guide.



Family Letter

Providers can utilize this material to let parents/caregivers know what their children are learning about health and safety while also giving them simple things they can do at home to continue the learning process.

Make It Sheet #1

Providers can download this printable for fun activity.

Make It Sheet #2

Here is another printable download for Providers.