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 Below are recordings of our cohort training webinars as well as a link to sign up for the next live webinar.  You will also see any links for handout and/or post assessments. If you would like to receive a Certificate of Attendance after viewing a recorded webinar, you MUST complete the post assessment. You will be provided with a link to a printable Certificate of Attendance at the end of the post assessment.  As you scroll down the page, you should see the following videos:

  • “What, Why, How” The Power of Open Ended Questions. (Recording)

  • “Making Math Meaningful” (Recording)

  • “An Overview of Gee Whiz Education” (Recording)

  • “The Why Behind the Experiences” (Recording)

  • “Exploring Diversity and Gee Whiz” (Recording)

  • “Exploring Language and Gee Whiz” (Recording)

"What, Why, How"

What? Why? How? The Power of Open-Ended Questions


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An Introduction to Gee Whiz Education


 This is an Introduction of the Gee Whiz Education program.  Please register by clicking the picture to below see registration link.




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During the webinar, “Making Math Meaningful,” we will talk about how you can help children see how much we all use math every day. Additionally, we will explore what “math knowledge” is in early childhood and how you can incorporate different areas of math through hands-on experiences. We will also help you learn how you can adapt/modify experiences for different developmental levels. After all, we KNOW you have a mixed age group!

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To View the Recording of  “An Overview of Gee Whiz Education”

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“The Why Behind the Experiences”

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To view the recording of :

“Exploring Diversity and Gee Whiz Education”

Just click on the video below.

During this webinar, you will learn more about diversity and how you can make sure to incorporate diversity into your program.

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To view the recording of

“Exploring Language and Gee Whiz Education”

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During the webinar you will learn about the following:

  • An exploration of how Language Development is addressed with two of the Gee Whiz Education units
  • Review of the August units “Fail Time Fun” and “Back to School”
  • Practice identifying experience that address Language Development
  • Practice adapting activities that address Language Development for different developmental levels

If you would like a certificate after reviewing the webinar you must complete a post assessment quiz.  Here is the link: