What is Gee Whiz


The Gee Whiz Curriculum for Family Child Care….

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Includes 2 units per month that have lesson plans for a mixed-age group … infants through school-age … no need to buy multiple programs 

Promotes hands-on learning 

Saves you tons of lesson planning time 

Is delivered online … just download, save, print … no S&H required 

Less than $1.00 per week per child (based on a group of 6) 

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How exactly does the Gee Whiz curriculum address all ages AND all 10 developmental levels? Check out our lesson plan to see for yourself. 



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So, how much is Gee Whiz? 

Monthly = $18.95 

Quarterly = $53.95 

Yearly = $192.95 

This price is for 1 teacher and up to 12 children! 



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