Early Learning Specialist!

Attention Early Childhood Specialist!  Whether you are an Association or CCR&R agency leader, we are here to assist you. Here are a few ways…

-We conduct complimentary “Introduction Training Gee Whiz Education” Webinars year round. These are hosted by seasoned educators. We would be glad to  notify you via email of upcoming dates and you can forward the email with registration information to the providers or colleagues with whom you are affiliated.  Please contact us and let us know of your interest.

NOTE:  Missed the live webinar? Below is a link to the recording of our latest, “Train-the-Trainers” webinar. This webinar is for Quality Specialists, Trainers, Mentors, etc. that work with FCC providers or those involved with FFN care. To watch the recorded webinar, just click the link and log in. 


If you have additional questions or requests, just drop us an email customerinfo@geewhizeducation.com, smayberry@geewhizeducation.com or bsmith@geewhizeducation.com.  We would be glad to help you.  We can also provide you with flyers to distribute to providers for more information about Gee Whiz Educaiton.

Gee Whiz Training Session Outline

The attached  outline will help you plan, and implement, training on the Gee Whiz curriculum for providers.  Download the outline review.  Then you will want to also download the 4 documents below: The User’s Guide, The Sample Teacher Guide, The Monthly Provider’s Review, and The End of Month Assessment.


User’s Guide

To download the User’s Guide just click above.

 Sample Teacher Guide

Click above to download teacher guide for training.

Documentation for Providers.

Click on the download button to access documentation for providers to review program each month.


Gee Whiz End of the Month Provider Assessment

This informal assessment tool can be used by Quality Specialists to evaluate how providers use the Gee Whiz curriculum in their programs.


Next Training Webinar Just for providers can register below.

Down load the link to register.