Curriculum Questions

No! The Gee Whiz curriculum includes activities for infants, toddlers, preschoolers/pre-K and even after-school children.

Nope! Gee Whiz is an entirely digital curriculum.  Everything you need can be downloaded, saved and printed (if you want from our website.)

Accessing the curriculum is very easy.  Here are the steps:

  1. Login at the top left of the Gee Whiz website using your email and password.  You must use the email you used when you subscribed and it is case sensitive (e.g. capital and lowercase letters matter).
  2. Once logged in, simply scroll down and you will see all of units currently available.
  3. Click on either “English” and scroll down.  A list of files will appear.  Just click the name of each file to open it.  Then, save and/or  print.

You can download and print out this helpful step-by-step guide. Click here.

Note: Be sure to download the files and store in safe place.  Once they are removed you will not have access to them again.

We have two pages on our website dedicated to this topic!

Alignment documentation is Here.

Great news! We have a recorded webinar all about using Gee Whiz.  After completing the webinar (and the follow-up assessment), you can print out a Certificate of Attendance.  VIEW VIDEOS NOW.

Our User’s Guide contains a wealth of information about child development, assessment and using the curriculum.  We HIGHLY recommend you read this document before you begin using Gee Whiz.  ACCESS USER’S GUIDE.



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