Choose the Subscription Payment Plan that is Right For You

At Gee Whiz, we know that budgets are tight. That is why we do our best to keep the cost of our curriculum as low as possible. In fact, for teachers with 6 children, the weekly cost is less than $1.00 per week! And remember…Gee Whiz pricing is per teacher… not per child. All Subscriptions contain the same components, you can choose the best payment plan for you .... Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly.

Monthly Plan


Month to Month


Yearly Plan


Thats 18% Off!


Quarterly Plan


Save over Monthly Price


Subscribe for 2 years

Including all of the same benefits as our other plans. This is a special plan for those who want a fixed cost over two years. This plan does not automatically renew.

What's included in all our plans

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100+ Monthly Activities

Gee Whiz provides 2 units with 100+ activities each month for all ages (infant through school-age). You will never be without something to do!

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Educational Resources for Providers

Gee Whiz provides numerous resources to enhance the educational environment in your program.

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Step-by-Step Teaching Guides

Gee Whiz Teaching Guides are easy-to-understand and follow. No PhD required

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Worldwide Access To Our Curriculum

Because Gee Whiz is digital, you can access the curriculum anywhere in the world.

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Use Household Materials

Gee Whiz uses common household materials, like bowls and blankets as teaching tools.

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Free Webinar Training

No need to give up your Saturdays. Gee Whiz provides free webinar training on weeknights plus all webinars are recorded for viewing at a time that works for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

As you are aware , each subscription is intended for ONE FCC home and user. You do NOT want to share your Username or Password with others! For further questions, email customer service.

Yes. The average boxed or prepackaged curriculum cost $118 per month. Gee Whiz Education’s curriculum is designed to be economical, costing an average of only $36 per month! A 70% savings!

Absolutely not! The prices listed on our website for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscriptions gives you access to the curriculum and all of the components that go with it for your entire group (up to 12 children). You are perfectly welcome to print enough copies for the children in your program. However, if you have a group larger than 12 or more than one teacher, you will need to set up an account for each teacher with his/her own username, password and payment.
Gee Whiz is a next generation company, using the web to provide current curriculum and support materials 24/7, at a very economical price to the providers. We also encourage continuous learning via our live webinars and posted videos on our site.
This is the benefit of a totally digital curriculum! There are no shipping costs. You may view, download and print as often as you would like for use in your program. Everything is delivered by the internet.
You will not receive any materials in the mail. Everything you need is on our website. All you need to do to get to them is log in using your username and password and then going to the “GWE Customer” tab and then clicking on “This Month’s Units.” This means as soon as you subscribe, and your payment clears, you can access all the materials. No waiting!
Yes! This is the benefit of digital distribution of our content.
There are always (2) 10 day units available online, which is the current month. For example, in the month of June (2) June units will be accessible. On or around the 25thof each month we will post the (2) units for the upcoming month. In this example, July. On the 5th of the next month the preceding 2 units will be removed. SHOULD YOU WISH TO ARCHIVE ANY UNITS, YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD THEM WITHIN THESE PARAMETERS. This keeps the website faster and less cluttered.
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