Here are just a few tools we hope you will find helpful.  Be sure to check this page often because we are always coming up with new ways to give you a helping hand.

Preparing for Kindergarten

A New Family Involvement Material

At Gee Whiz, we know how important family involvement is. That is why we just created these helpful activity calendars for families that have children preparing to enter kindergarten in the fall. We will be posting calendars for June, July and August. Please share these with families in your program that have children entering KG in the fall.

As each new calendar if available, we will notify you via email and post it here. All calendars are available in English & Spanish.

Social Distancing Can Be Fun

These are certainly challenging times! This booklet contains active games and experiences that naturally encourage social distancing.  Many of the activities are designed to be done outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine!

Printable Center Labels

Do you need, or want to, label your center? If so, these center labels are just what you need! We’ve included labels for the following areas: Art, Blocks, Dramatic Play, Manipulative, Books, Science, Outdoor Fun and Music.

Printable Weather Chart

What is the weather like in your neck of the woods today? Use this printable Weather Chart to help the children track the weather each day.  This process opens the door for children to use observation skills and senses.  At the end of the month,  if you choose to graph how many days you had with each type of weather, you can incorporate math as well.

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