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At Gee Whiz, we are proud to offer FREE webinar training to providers. Scroll down to register for our next live webinar or watch those that have been recorded. Links to handouts as well as required assessments/certificate are provided.

Webinar Online Seminar Global Communications Concept

Lesson planning for Mixed -Age Group

September 29, 2020 7:00-8:30 PM EDT

Do you work with mixed age-group? How do you make sure the experiences you plan meet the unique need of each child and cover all 10 developmental areas?   We will practice planning experiences for mixed-age group.  Plus all participants will receive a complete 10-day Teaching Guide.

Making Math Meaningful

Math is such an important part of any educational program and it needs to be explored in a meaningful, hands-on-way. Below are a few of the questions that will be answered: 

What is math knowledge in early childhood?

How can you adapt and integrate math into almost any experience?

Recorded Webinar

All about the gee Whiz curriculum

If you are a current Gee Whiz subscriber or looking  for a curriculum the take time to register.  During the webinar a few of the items you will learn are below :

How Gee Whiz is different from other curriculum option

How Gee Whiz addresses all ages in our daily lesson plans

How Gee Whiz addresses assessment


Introduction to Gee Whiz Education

During this interactive webinar, you will learn more about how the Gee Whiz Curriculum:
– Saves you $ by addressing all ages in one program
– Makes meeting state/national ECE standards so much easier
– Assures you are addressing all 10 developmental levels for all age groups
– Can help you increase your environmental rating scores in many areas
– Most importantly….Is designed specifically for you…the family child care provider!


At Gee Whiz, we know that many of you have questions about how you can connect our curriculum with your formal child assessment tool. Well, this webinar will help you explore just that and so much more! Please join us as we explore:
* How the Gee Whiz experiences connect to the 10 developmental areas
* How the Gee Whiz Learning indicators detail the skills addressed during each experience
* How you can connect Gee Whiz to your formal child assessment tool
* How you can use our Customized/Individualized Lesson Planning Form to plan and document individualizations
* PLUS – learn more about our Brand New Component (beginning with July 2020) called, “Connecting the Dots” – guaranteed to make your life a lot easier!

Recorded webinar

The Why Behind the Experiences

Are you able to identify all the developmental areas you address during each activity you do with the children? Do you know why it is so important to keep developmental areas in mind when planning experiences? These are just two of the important questions we will answer during our next Gee Whiz Cohort webinar, "The Why Behind Experiences & Gee Whiz." As an attendee, you will learn more about all 10 developmental areas and then practice linking those areas to the experiences you plan. This webinar will be very interactive so put on your thinking caps and register to join us!

Exploring Diversity

The “Celebrating Diversity” webinar will look at the following topics:

  • What is Diversity?
  • Why is Diversity Important?
  • How Can You Develop Cultural Understanding?
  • Tips for Bringing Diversity Into Your Program that Celebrate Diversity

What? Why? How? Open ended questions

What is an open-ended question? Why are open-ended questions important? How can you incorporate open-ended questions into your day? These are just a few of the open-ended questions we will answer during this webinar! At the end of the webinar, you will walk away with a strong understanding of how to formulate open-ended questions and then use them with children AND parents/guardians. You will also be able to add more open-ended questions into your day which should help to increase your adult-child interactions (which is an area evaluated on commonly-used environmental rating scales).

No Money, No Problem

Want to save money and create high-quality activities for your children at the same time? Then join us for this webinar!

You will learn how you can….
Use common household materials for learning activities
Address many different developmental areas while using household materials
Adapt the activities you plan to different development levels
Evaluate household materials for safety before using
Share ideas with other providers via the internet.

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