Webinars for Quality Specialist

Webinar Online Seminar Global Communications Concept

At Gee Whiz, we are proud to offer webinars throughout the year for Quality Specialist and Coaches.  These webinars are FREE and are normally held in the afternoon/late morning. This is yet another way that Gee Whiz supports you as you support providers! 


30 Minutes to learn about resources for FCC providers

If you are looking for free training resources for your family child care providers, take time to watch this 30 – Minute recording.  This is a fast-paced webinar that quickly shares free training ideas for you along with  numerous resources available for download and access to recorded webinars to share.   You will learn how to request  PowerPoint files for you to use while training providers you work with.  


Webinar training for CCR&R

Please join Gee Whiz for our next interactive webinar designed specifically for Quality Specialists, Coaches and others who work with providers. If you want to learn more about Gee Whiz and/or you have providers using the curriculum, this webinar is for you.  Things that will be covered.  

  • What is the Gee Whiz curriculum?
  • How is Gee Whiz different from other curriculum options?
  • How does Gee Whiz address mixed-age groups (infants through school-age)?
  • What does the Gee Whiz curriculum include and how are the components designed to be used?
  • How does Gee Whiz address assessment?
  • What training opportunities does Gee Whiz offer?
  • How can I be assured a provider using Gee Whiz is doing so with fidelity?
  • What resources are available for Quality Specialists/Coaches?

Connecting the Dots

At Gee Whiz, we know that many of you have questions about how you can connect our curriculum with your formal child assessment tool. Well, this webinar will help you explore just that and so much more! Please join us as we explore: * How the Gee Whiz experiences connect to the 10 developmental areas * How the Gee Whiz Learning indicators detail the skills addressed during each experience * How you can connect Gee Whiz experiences to your formal child assessment tool * How you can use our Customized/Individualized Lesson Planning Form to plan and document individualizations * PLUS - learn more about our Brand New Component (beginning with July 2020) called, "Connecting the Dots" - guaranteed to make your life a lot easier!

Recorded webinar

Using Gee Whiz With Fidelity

During this webinar, we will explore our Utilization Checklist and how this tool can help Quality Specialists and others that work with providers assure they are using the curriculum with fidelity. We will also explore the many different training guides and webinar training options included as part of the Gee Whiz Curriculum that help providers build knowledge related to topics such as: Linguistic and Cultural responsiveness Parent involvement and family engagement The learning environment (including prep for environmental assessment) Addressing children with disabilities and special needs Meeting the developmental needs of a mixed age groups.

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