A Single Low Cost Subscription For Your Entire Program

Do you want to save money, stop worrying about meeting state standards and address the needs of your mixed-age group? Then Gee Whiz is your solution! Gee Whiz is the affordable digital curriculum choice for mixed-age groups where children learn through play and exploration.


Address All Ages

With Gee Whiz, you only need one curriculum for your infants - 4 year olds (plus afterschoolers)


Save Time & Money

Gee Whiz is up to 70% less than other curriculum options. Just check it out.

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Meet State Standards

Gee Whiz takes the headache out of meeting, and exceeding, state & national ECE standards


Why Should You Choose Gee Whiz?

Looking for a curriculum that is easy-to-use, addresses all areas of development and, of course, fun? Look no further! Gee Whiz is THE curriculum choice for providers everywhere because it not only addresses state/national standards but includes activities for all ages as well.


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What our customers have to say about us

I love that Gee Whiz curriculum gives me so many options with my mixed age group. I love the themes they provide as well as the added materials that I can use if I need them. I also love the fact that I can just download the materials and save them for future use. My parents love the newsletter telling them what is to be expected from each unit. If you have a home childcare and/or mixed age group then this curriculum is perfect!

I have used my own curriculum for 14 years, but decided to try Gee Whiz a year and a half ago. And I realized I have been just doing projects, stories, and rote learning. My day has completely changed now. I Love the interactive activities. The open ended questions and discussions during activities. And having varied themes I had not used before. Loving Gee Whiz!!

Gee Whiz is simple to follow. The learning standards are specified for each activity. I know what to expect and how to observe for progress. I particularly love the suggested questions to deepen learning. It has really made a world of difference. I will definitely share my experience with other FCC providers I support and train in the field.

Gee Whiz Education is a very complete and very explicit curriculum. What I like most about it is that it is affordable for all ages and its content is very important to apply to daily life, because it deals with very real and easy to understand topics for children.


Frequently Asked Questions
As you are aware , each subscription is intended for ONE FCC home and user. You do NOT want to share your Username or Password with others! For further questions, email customer service.

Yes. The average boxed or prepackaged curriculum cost $118 per month. Gee Whiz Education’s curriculum is designed to be economical, costing an average of only $36 per month! A 70% savings!

Absolutely not! The prices listed on our website for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscriptions gives you access to the curriculum and all of the components that go with it for your entire group (up to 12 children). You are perfectly welcome to print enough copies for the children in your program. However, if you have a group larger than 12 or more than one teacher, you will need to set up an account for each teacher with his/her own username, password and payment.

Once you place your order and your credit card clears you have access to all material on the site.  As an active customer you have access 24/7.

Gee Whiz is comprehensive and addresses all 10 developmental areas and 40 specific skills (learning indicators).  We provide “Connecting the Dots” to help you connect each Gee Whiz experience with the skills it addresses.  The curriculum does not include a formal assessment tool, however, it aligns with those that are commonly used.  We use this approach so you can choose the formal assessment tool that works best for you.    

This is the benefit of a totally digital curriculum! There are no shipping costs. You may view, download and print as often as you would like for use in your program. Everything is delivered by the internet.

You will not receive any materials in the mail. Everything you need is on our website.

Yes! This is the benefit of digital distribution of our content.

There are always (2) 10 day units available online, which are the current month. For example, in the month of June, (2) June units will be accessible. On or around the 25th of each month, we will post the (2) units for the upcoming month. In this example, July. On the 5th of the next month the preceding 2 units will be removed. SHOULD YOU WISH TO SAVE ANY UNITS, YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD THEM BEFORE THEY ARE REMOVED.  This keeps the website faster and less cluttered.

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