How does the Sign In and Subscription process work?

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New Subscribers:

  1. On the home page, Click “Sign In”
  2. Choose “Sign up now”

You then need to decide which subscription rate you want to sign up for: 1. Monthly for $18.95 each month, Quarterly for $53.95 to be charged each quarter, or Annually to be charged $192.95 each year.  Once you select you payment frequency, follow instructions to set up your account.  You will be asked your name, email and to select a username, and also to select a password along with credit card information.   You may change the password by selecting the “Forgot Password” option on the Sign In tab.

A link will be sent to your email to reset the password.  Be sure you enter your email correctly.  If you have an error we cannot communicate with you.

The username cannot be changed.  Your username and password you select will be needed for future “Sign In” sessions and both are case-sensitive.

Returning Subscribers:

  1. On the home page, Click “Sign In”
  2. On the right, you should see a Membership Log In.  Entering your username and password.  Both ARE case-sensitive.  Be sure you do not have your cap key locked.
  3. Once entered, you should be able to access the Paid Subscriber content.
  4. Your username or password can be recovered using the email you used when you created your account.  Just click forgot username, check your email and  follow the steps in that email.  For password reset follow the same steps as above.

Subscription Process:

New customers will be asked to select a credit card for payment.  The method/account you select will be charged either $18.95 monthly or $53.95 quarterly, or $192.95 annually on the date you sign up, depending on the payment schedule you select.  This is also true with annual charges.

The charge will repeat monthly, quarterly,  annual  on the anniversary of the date you signed up.  This process will continue until you cancel.


I  reviewed the question above and I am still having trouble accessing and downloading the files.  What do I do?

Click here to see a step -by- step process.

What are the payment options, policies and Guarantee?

We have four (3) payment options for each FCC subscriber home. They are as follows:

Subscription Type Payment Payment Method Guarantee
Monthly (30 days) $18.95  Credit/ Debit Card First 30 days
Quarterly $53.95 Credit/ Debit Card First 30 days
Annually $192.95*  Credit/Debit Card or Check** First 30 days

* Save over 15% on the marked options above with an annual purchase!

** Please send us an email at the address below defining full year request and form of payment. Also provide the following details: Username, phone number, and address.  If you desire to a mail check, send to: Gee Whiz Education, P.O. Box 11046, Charlotte, NC 28220-11046

email to: to share your desires.

Please note your credit or debit card will be charged an amount based on your Subscription type selected. The next automatic charge will be made on the anniversary of your “Sign Up” date, either monthly or quarterly,  or annually depending on the Subscription type selected.  The payments are recurring.

For example, you select Subscription Type “Monthly” and order on January 5th, your account will be charged $18.95 and the same amount on the 5th of each subsequent month, unless you Cancel. You can cancel at any time.

GUARANTEE: Gee Whiz guarantee is a full refund of payment in the FIRST 30 DAYS of your subscription. Please send an email request to if you wish to request a refund within the first 30 days of placing your order.

What can I modify or edit under My Account-

If you have an active Paid Subscription, you may view the information on YOUR account with Gee Whiz Education. Go to Help ==>My Account and enter the correct username and password. You may change information on any of the fields under My Profile (except Username).  Scroll down to change or update information pertaining to  your credit card or payment frequency.  This is accomplished via a hyper-link to your choice of payment. If you decide to change your account from monthly to another billing cycle, Please notify us so we can be sure your account is charged correctly.  We do not keep any of your credit information on our site.

You can also cancel your subscription under My Account.


Problems? email customer service:

How do I Cancel my subscription?

If you need to cancel you can do so at any time.  Just login with your username and password and go to the tab “My Account”.  Scroll down and click Cancel subscription.  If you cancel your account, please make sure there are no further charges on your credit card statement in the next billing cycle, as we are unable to see/access your credit card information.  If there is an incorrect charge, we will refund as follows:

  • Monthly payment cycle – One Month from cancelation
  • Quarterly payment cycle –  One quarter payment  if you are charged after canceling account and can show email sent to cancel.

You need to notify us immediately upon receipt of your next credit card statement following cancellation!  This responsibility is with you as we do not know if your card has been charged and you have canceled.

If you order yearly or quarterly and decide to cancel in the middle of a billing period  you will be refunded on the rate of the current monthly charge and refunded accordingly.


Monthly, on the day of the month you started your subscription, you should receive an email receipt indicating your credit card has been charged.  Quarterly, if that is your chosen payment option.  Please if you are not receiving emails to your account showing charges, then email notifying us that you are not receiving notification of charge.

How long do the units remain posted and/or can I have access to past units?

The calendar at the bottom of our homepage details specifically when each unit will be posted and taken down from our website.  Due to the large size of the files, we cannot keep past units available beyond these dates. In general, each month is posted in two parts…the first unit is posted around the 20th of the month prior and the second unit is posted on or around the 25th.  For instance, the June units would be posted on May 20 and May 25….respectively.  Remember…our materials are NOT dated or linked to holidays/seasons so you may use them at any time.  We encourage all users to access and download/print All units as soon as they are posted.  We cannot resend after the unit has been deleted.


Do I have to purchase a subscription for each child?

Absolutely not! The prices listed on our website for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscriptions gives you access to the curriculum and all of the components that go with it for your entire group (up to 12 children).  You are perfectly welcome to print enough copies for the children in your program.  If however, you have a group larger than 12 or more than one teacher, you will need to set up an account for each teacher with his/her own username, password and payment.

How many users can use one subscription?

As you are aware , each subscription is for ONE FCC home and user. You do NOT want to share your Username or Password with others!  Your security could be breeched and this will increase the risk of your account being blocked.  One account is allowed 3 devices to login and then the account will lock.   If this happens you will need to contact Customer Service.

Problems? email customer service:

Are there any shipping cost?

This is the benefit of a totally digital curriculum! There are no shipping costs. You may view, download and print as often as you would like for use in your program.  Everything is delivered by the internet.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password at any time.  When you first login with your username just click forgot my password.  You can then reset your password to  something of your choice and the confirmation will be sent to the email you used when you set up your account.

Can I order outside of the United States?

Yes, this is the benefit of digital distribution of our content.