Washington Early Learning Standards

This page details specifically how the Gee Whiz Education Learning Indicators align with the standards for early childhood education in the state of Washington.

Do you have trouble understanding complying with meeting your state standards?

We can help...

Founded by experts with over 75 years of collective experience in the early childhood education space, the original founders of HighReach Learning started GeeWhiz Education to bring early childhood education into the 21st century, focusing entirely on family child care programs. 


Gee Whiz is a comprehensive online curriculum that will:

Comply with State Standards

We work hard to make sure our curriculum is approved by and aligned with your state’s standards.

Address Mixed Age Groups

Our curriculum is built with mixed-age groups in mind. No more hunting for different activities for different children.

Solve Communication Problems

You’ll have the resources that are super easy to share with parents that keep them up to speed and give them a greater appreciation for what you’re teaching their children.

Save Money

Other curriculums cost hundreds of dollars per month and must be purchased for the number of children you have in your program. Cover all your children for one low monthly fee.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

"Fran and I love Gee Whiz Education! It has super easy activities for your little ones from babies to preschoolers. It uses things you have around your house!"
Abby Davis
"Thanks Gee Whiz your Curriculum is wonderful! It keeps all of us actively involved!"
Bre Phillip
"GeeWhiz Education is well thought out educational program. It is wonderful to have a source I can go to each month that will stimulate and educate the children in my care. It is also a great time saver and energy saver. Thanks, GeeWhiz!"
Cheryl DeVere

When you subscribe to Gee Whiz, each month you will have access to:

BONUS: FREE webinar training each month on both the new curriculum units as well as topics related to early childhood education!

Get all this for just $24.95 per month. One low fee covers your entire group. That’s it!


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Gee Whiz Education:

Prepackaged Curricula:

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P.S. Gee Whiz Education’s digital curriculum, developed over 35 years by the professionals behind HighReach Learning, is a proven, cost effective, state approved method to educate children. Don’t delay, the price will increase soon!

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are very few pieces that need to be printed (e.g., Story Props, Teaching Tool, Puppet, etc.)! Most components can simply be viewed on the computer or tablet and family components can be emailed or texted!

Print only what you need! Unlike other curriculums that send you materials you may never use, GeeWhiz is environmentally friendly and saves ink and paper!

We try to use things most childcare providers have on hand and do not require purchasing. For instance, wooden spoons, plastic bowls, paper plates, cardboard boxes, blankets, etc.

Most lessons and activities have very little prep and if there is prep, we note that in red in the Teaching Guide.

We’ve got you covered with monthly training webinars and videos as well as a complete step-by-step guide to get you started!

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