All Around the House….Inexpensive Teaching Tools

Shopping Bags Isolated On The White Background

Who says that teaching materials need to be expensive? Some of the very best teaching tools can be found around your home and are free, or cost very little.  Best of all..they are right at your fingertips! Here are just a few.


  • Weave short pieces of ribbon in and out of the holes in the sides.
  • Attach construction paper to the sides and decorate as a vehicle.
  • Turn upside-down, cover with a blanket, and use as a table for a tea party.
  • Take turns hiding underneath and pretend to be turtles (the basket makes a great shell!)

Cushions, Pillows, and Blankets

  • Use cushions, along with blankets, to create a fort.
  • Arrange cushions, along with pillows, to create a soft obstacle course to crawl through.
  • Stack and count pillows.  How high can the stack be before it falls down?
  • Use small blankets (e.g., baby blanket) as capes and pretend to be “superheros.”
  • Use a large, lightweight blanket as a parachute.
  • Find and sort pillows by size or shape.

Paper Grocery Bags

  • Toss soft balls or beanbags into an open grocery bag or place a grocery bag on the floor (open) and roll balls into it.  Count how many go in, how many do not.
  • Attach a photo of a recyclable to the outside of each bag.  Sort items into bags.
  • Use to play What’s inside? Put an item inside the bag that makes a distinctive sound.  Shake the bag.  Can children guess what is inside?
  • Add to the dramatic play area for use when role-playing grocery stores or shopping.
  • Note logos on bags to promote emerging literacy skills.




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