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At Gee Whiz, we are asked all the time, “Are you approved in ….?” OR “Does your curriculum align with…?” As more and more states look for curriculum materials that are aligned with their Quality Standards, we know that this information becomes very important for our customers. Even if you are in a state that does not “approve” curriculum for early childhood, you should know the fact that Gee Whiz is recognized in several states (so far) means that the curriculum we produce is of the highest quality. Many of these approval processes require a lot of documentation and “proof” that our curriculum sufficiently addresses the state quality standards and is based on sound educational research and philosophy. So, even if you are not in a state where you must use an “approved” curriculum from a list, choosing Gee Whiz means that you are making a well-educated and supported choice for your program!

To date, Gee Whiz is…

  • Approved for School Readiness programs in Florida
  • Approved for Parent Aware programs in Minnesota
  • Listed as a resource for Step Up to Quality programs in Ohio
  • Approved for North Carolina Family Child Care Curriculum
  • Approved for Early Learning Standards in Pennsylvania


  • Accepted by ExceleRate Illinois as evidence of program compliance with Standard 1D

There are several other states where we are in the midst of the approval process and as soon as we hear anything regarding our status, we will be sure to let you know!

In addition, we currently have alignment charts to many state standards. You can find those charts on our website at this location: . Just scroll down to map of the US and select your state.  Again, we are constantly adding new charts, so if your state does not have an alignment chart yet, it will shortly.

At Gee Whiz, our goal is to create a curriculum that exceeds the state and national standards for early childhood education while at the same time addressing the unique needs that family child care professionals face in their programs. As mentioned previously, when choosing Gee Whiz, you can assure parents, caregivers and program monitors that our curriculum is based on sound research, philosophy and current trends in early childhood education. At the same time, our approach is realistic and easy-to-implement because we recognize that family child care professionals do not have a lot of spare time on their hands! Our end goal is most likely the same as yours…to help you create a learning environment in your program where children explore…learn…and grow.



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