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Shocked Expression 2 Years Old Over White

Stop Stressing!

    OK…so that sounds much easier than it actually is BUT lowering your own stress level can

Aligned, Approved, Accepted

At Gee Whiz, we are asked all the time, “Are you approved in ….?” OR “Does your curriculum

Top View Of Four Children Of Mixed Races Touching A Word Childre

What is an anecdotal note?

  What is an anecdotal note? An anecdotal note is a factual, written record of a child. It

Children's Legs Hanging Down From A Chamber Pot

Patience and Potty Training!

Potty training. These two words carry a lot of emotions for providers and children! Learning to consistently use

Child Girl Looks With Disgust At Healthy Vegetables. Mother Conv

Yuck! I’m Not Eating That!

Yuck! I’m Not Eating That! Does that response sound familiar? We bet it does! Young children are notorious

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