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Please enjoy this guest blog by Angela Salas!

As an NAFCC accredited Family Child Care provider, I make decisions every day to help children learn and grow. I am intentional in how I set up my learning environment, how I select materials, and how I prepare my daily schedule. However, I’m a busy gal. I am not just a provider, but a trainer and a coach/mentor to other programs. My day is split between working with young children and in the evenings preparing for my professional development trainings. I barely have time to plan for both. A few months ago I decided to use a pre-made curriculum I could count on to facilitate my preparation. I tried a few boxed programs that offered quality learning and developmentally appropriate activities. However, many of the activities were difficult to follow and too advance for some of my younger toddlers. Cookie cut product art was not my idea of quality. I had briefly tried Gee Whiz Curriculum in the past, although I enjoyed the activities and topics, I had found shopping and preparing for the lessons a bit of a challenge. At this year’s NAFCC Conference, I met Beth Smith (Partner with Gee Whiz) and I shared my concern with the curriculum. A week later she had modified the tools to include a list of materials for every unit. It was amazing. I could follow the list and shop for the stuff online or at a local store. Gee Whiz is simple to follow. The learning standards are specified for each activity. I know what to expect and how to observe for progress. I particularly love the suggested questions to deepen learning. I have my staff review them too. It has really made a world of difference. I will definitely share my experience with other FCC providers I support and train in the field.

Angela M. Salas, MSECS, MSRD, IBCLC, NYSELTC Level 3

Brilliant Futures Daycare & Preschool



Angela holds a Masters degree in Early Childhood Studies (MSECS) and is a certified NAFCC National Observer & Trainer, a highly recognized New York State EarlyLearn Credential Trainer and an approved instructor to NYC childcare providers. Angela also holds a Masters degree in Nutrition and is a Registered Dietitian with specialization in young children.


Please note, Ms. Salas did not receive any form of compensation from Gee Whiz for this post.




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